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On the Rock's Politica

Nov 20, 2020

Episode #6 is a split bill.  We introduce the premise of Massachusetts conflict of interest laws, preparing for a more in-depth local look in an upcoming episode.  For the econd half of our podcast we welcomed our first guest to speak about   regional issues in our pandemic world for public education.

Nov 13, 2020

Episode #5 explores what we've become, where we are, and how we stop missing out on all the cool stuff from an economic development and planning standpoint. 

Engage: next city council meeting:,22,26

Mentioned in podcast: National Center for Economic Gardening:

Nov 6, 2020

Well, it's over with..... or is it? In Episode #4 'Things Ain't What They Used to Be?' we explore the results of election 2020 and offer some historical and editorial reference where we can in Scotts on the Rocks fashion.