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On the Rock's Politica

Nov 17, 2022

It's exactly a week since Election Day 2022.   Just the right time to initiate a three-way podcast between three candidates in withdrawal!

2021 City Council candidate Scott M. Graves (I) is joined by Lisa Mair (I) candidate for the first Worcester Senate District and Bruce Chester (R), podcast co-host and candidate for the MA House 2nd Worcester District. 

We've all felt the sting of loss but don't despair, we're talking what comes next and what solutions we can bring to our communities moving forward. 

Bruce has not conceded, having a difference of 712 votes and one community not reporting their number of outstanding ballots.  

Lisa discusses her thoughts on running as an independent. She brought to our attention a great resource platform known as Braver Angels.

 Scott explains the intricacies of policy-driven campaigning. 

We hope you enjoy!