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On the Rock's Politica

Jan 15, 2021

Joined by producer Cameron McLeod, Host Scott M. Graves talks democratic capitalism as well as touch upon the latest US ban on the Xinjiang region of China. Even further, we talk about an unfortunate loss to the show.

Still reeling from the news of the last week as we all are, we decided not to focus on the news as it happened this week, plenty of good journalists are keeping us informed up to the moment on the aftermath of the attempted insurrection.  We want to probe how a country like ours gets to be in a place like this?

Scott M. and Cam focus their attention on defining an extractive economy, what it is and how it relates to the 'financialization of our current economy.'

Read our thoughts on how the pandemic has played out in our extractive economy. 

Once defined we really talk about its solution: Democratic Capitalism.  What it is, how it works and even where many of its examples source from.  Turns out there is a deep connection to the modern concept of Democratic Capitalism existing right in our own backyard.

And what of our thoughtful co-host? The pressures of representing the people of our fair city in the times as they are have played a role in his decision.  We wish Scott J. Graves the absolute best moving forward.  His insightful contribution to our podcast was invaluable, offering a much different persective from yours truly.  Together, we proved how political discourse should be done.  It is telling that in the world we've created today, whether at a local or national level, one's right to speak out vs. one's ability to do so are vastly different things.

New York Times Article:

SBS News Uighurs Detention clip: