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On the Rock's Politica

Jun 17, 2021

In the weeks On the Rocks Politica, we’re exploring the idea that white male candidates for office, in an effort to bring equity before the public, should bow out of races when their opponent is a BIPOC or female in order to support said candidate.

Co-host Scott M. Graves recently considered this concept following after reading it in a post by a peer on facebook.  Her post ended with the statement, ‘Follow me for more lifestyle tips on how to not be a white jerk.’

What does it mean to bring equity to the table in a meaningful way in order to increase diversity in our municipal, state and federal leadership?  Is it simply racist to consider this concept on face value? Will it bring equality to an often inherently racist, classist system?

What does co-host Bruce Chester, an african-american gentlemen who ran for state office in 2020 think about the concept?

This week we have you thinking about our system of governance and what it means to include all of us.  That’s latest from On the Rocks Politica.