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On the Rocks's politica podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Why does Bruce and Scott want to bring back the cola wars? Because those wars were far more entertaining than the culture wars.

Americans are tearing themselves apart over Colin Keapernick, abortion, the Flag.... while strife causes negative social side-effects and our financial class rakes in record profits from our dismay; the collectives’ focus on divisive phenomenon instead of the task at hand.

Bruce and Scott show how the culture wars, running parallel to the 'nation' of local politics is effecting even their own little city's municipal election as experienced by Scott why is running for city council.

In other news, did we mention the Gardner city council now requires a police presence at all meetings? In a vain attempt to thwart citizens desire for transparency and an increased opportunity for public discourse, City council president Lizzy Kazinskas has issued a mandate for police presence at every council meeting.

Faschism at its best that these co-hosts can agree on from their respective political spectrum perches.

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