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On the Rocks's politica podcast

Oct 21, 2021

Where have all the labor bosses gone? 

For at least 30 years many Americans have viewed the 'death' of labor unions as progress. Seen as a vestige of a time gone past, many felt there is no need any longer to organize in order to protect the rights of wage earners in the United States.

But if you're the age of our producer Cameron McLeod, you might think otherwise. The promise of 'your college education will make you more employable and offer more in wages' has come and gone for many as has the days of 40 hour work weeks and benefits.

Is the Gig economy all its cracked up to be?

In this episode we explore a number of questions such as....
How did the Labor movement evolve?
How do millennials perceive labor and the job market today?
How does a more unstable labor market effect other parts of our economy?
What would more widespread employee ownership in our economy do to effect labor?
Why did the labor movement and unions in particular oppose employee ownership?

All that and more this episode On the Rocks Politica.