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On the Rock's Politica

Mar 17, 2022

With Cam and Bruce away this week co-host Scott Graves asked comedienne Stephanie Elliott to the show. Did we talk of sober political philosophy or current events?  Hells Yeahh!!!!!

  • President Joe Biden’s recent discussion on authoritarianism vs. Democracy? Check. 
  • Asking the question ‘Why do American Presidents Love them a good War?  Check.
  • What is happening in the daily struggle for Ukraine’s Autonomy? Check 
  • The history behind New Hampshire’s vote last week to secede from the Union? Check 
  • Stowe, VT’s bid to do the same in the 1980’s and secede to New Hampshire? Check.

We’re not saving the world but we did get in a few punches for sure. 

Check out Stephanie’s North Shore Business Hound & Country Pet Care.  Celebrating their ten year anniversary. 

And be on the lookout for Cereal for Serial Killers, our latest collaboration with Stephanie coming soon to M the Media Project.