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On the Rock's Politica

May 5, 2022

So many of our challenges  faced when building our communities are made complex by their multi-disciplinary nature.  This does not excuse the need for a rigorous approach to solutions that benefit the widest spectrum of people.

Today's podcast deals with just such a challenge.  What's local is suddenly made very relevant to those of you throughout the globe, as we're talking about one community’s on-going struggle over what to do with its human waste.

This podcast is an audio companion to M the Media Project's first in a series of articles dealing with one city's sludge landfill expansion.

Click here to read the article

Host Scott M. Graves interviews Ivan Ussach, Executive Director of the Millers River Watershed Council and Alan Rousseau, a life-long citizen of the city of Gardner (MA) and founding member of the grassroots organization Gardner Clean Air.

Click to learn more about landfill alternatives for your community.

Click to read or view host Scott M. Graves Essay, 'My Life with a Sludge Landfill'