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On the Rock's Politica

Jul 8, 2022

Our latest episode looks at the consequences following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency.  

The precedent set by this ruling will most certainly have long-term ramifications on the regulation of corporate enterprise.  It also represents a significant sea-change in jurisprudence going back, ironically enough, to the founding period (the irony being a priority of the majority justices claim to espouse a Constitutional interpretation known as 'originalism'). This change in jurisprudence is anything but.

For the first time we solicited feedback and questions from fans ahead of time and shared them and their answers on tonight's episode.

What consequences to business regulation will likely be affected by this decision?

Why would the court next decide the Moore vs. Harper case from North Carolina?

Do the entire session's decisions represent the upholding of long-standing legal precedent and representational government? 

Listen now and help us decide.